"Winning has nothing to do with racing. Most days don't have races anyway. Winning is about struggle and effort and optimism, and never, ever, ever giving up."

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Taking My Mind Off this Weather

Today was the coldest day (windchill) that I remember--in my lifetime!

Are you reading that?  -32 windchill. 

Needless to say, the past three days I have been huffing it on the treadmill.  Back to back to back, 12 milers, on the treadmill.  Let me be honest, I'd rather be outside anyday; however, given the circumstances, the treadmill has not been as horrific as I had imagined.

I'm on day 4 of the Engine 2 diet.  Too be honest, I am amazed at how well my body is doing!  I was nervous about a few things.  One, I was concerned about my protein intake, that it might be too low.  That has not been an issue!  I'm eating plenty of brown rice and beans (black beans, garbanzo beans).  My energy levels have been great.  I have not been hitting the afternoon slum like I thought I would.  I have energy, I feel satisfied, and I am impressed with how my body is responding.  Second, I was concerned about my sweet tooth.  I often get cravings to sweet treats.  I'm talking chocolatey goodness (which is obviously not E2 approved).  I have not really had any bad cravings.  Whenever I feel the need for something sweet, I munch on no sugar added/no oil added raisins and that seems to do the trick.  For a pre-run snack, I've been consuming dried figs--so good and a great energy boost!

Between the cold weather, and a new way of eating, Jeremy and I have been tackling one of our New Year's resolutions--to cook together and try new things!  It has been fun to look through my new cookbook (Everyday Happy Herbivore), and find new recipes to make.  Jeremy has been quite the champ, and so willing to cook alongside me.  It has been quite the adventure.  I've also made some great snacks.  I made kale chips this week, take a look:
They were called "Cheesy Kale Chips", however, they don't involved cheese, since that's not E2 approved.  They are absolutely fantastic!  They sell these vegan friendly treats at Whole Foods, but they are so pricy!  This is a cheap way to enjoy such a wonderful snack!!!

Breakfast yesterday was also quite scrumptious.  Nothing fancy, but peanut butter and sliced bananas atop brown rice cakes seems pretty fabulous:

Yes, I prepared my breakfast at work on my notes-don't judge ;)

My lunch salads have been terrific as well.  Rather than simply adding veggies to my salad, I've been adding garbanzo and black beans for added protein:

These salads have created a party in my mouth!  Seriously.

Not only have I been exploring with new foods, meals, snacks, etc., but I am feeling refreshed.  I'm not as tired, and I have a lot of support from great friends.  Between Shannon, Deanna, Aileen, and of course Jeremy, I have people to turn to when the going gets tough (which it hasn't gotten tough yet), but I know I have support for when I'm feeling weak.  It's encouraging to have people in my life who support a healthy lifestyle, and don't judge to look down upon this new lifestyle I am exploring.  Sometimes I worry that stress or emotions might derail this effort, but it hasn't so far.  We received some pretty tough family news last night about Jeremy's brother.  He's having major surgery today.  That fueled my run this morning and gave me 90 minutes of solid prayer time for him.  I am encouraged by Jesus' words: "Then Jesus told his disciples...that they should always pray and not give up" (Luke 18:1).  So I will pray, and I will not give up.  I know that my God is near to those who call on His name.  He is the Great Healer, the Living God, the Lord Almighty, my Rock, my Redeemer, my portion.  I do not have to be afraid, and will continue to proclaim His goodness because I know that He is able to do imagineably more than I could ever imagine.

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  1. Love it the new healthy way of life. Chad and I watch the movie Forks over Knives, it was great to see and hear. We are now taking the dairy and eggs out. I haven't had meat since June of last year. So this was the next step. If you have receipes to share I would love them :) Happy Thursday...Miss you my friend.