"Winning has nothing to do with racing. Most days don't have races anyway. Winning is about struggle and effort and optimism, and never, ever, ever giving up."

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

A Slow Start to the New Year Isn't Going to Stop Me

"We can not direct the wind, but we can adjust our sails."

Most people begin making New Years Resolutions, fair enough, I am also one of those people. However, more often than not, those resolutions revolve around gym memberships and being healthier. Since that is already a part of my lifestyle, I try to set resolutions revolving around bettering myself as an individual. I set spiritual resolutions, physical resolutions, and hobby resolutions. My spiritual resolutions involve praying with Jeremy every day (or as often as I can), reading through the Old Testament again, and being intentional about praying for people. My physical resolutions include being intentional about speed and hill workouts, completing P90X, and being prepared to run the Boston Marathon. My hobby resolutions include trying to make new recipes (I got a new cookbook for Christmas), reading more, and discovering a new hobby.

Unlike most people, who make a mad dash to the gym on New Year's Day, to start their year off right, I was home sick on the couch with Jeremy (who was also sick). I took Friday and Saturday off from running. My physical activity for Saturday (New Years Day) involved running stairs in my building for 20 minutes--only because I felt lazy and lethargic. Let me tell you, running stairs for 20 minutes is work when you're healthy, but when you're sick, it's a whole new beast! On Sunday I felt decent enough to try a run on the treadmill, so I met Heather, and ALL THE TREADMILLS WERE TAKEN! I could not believe it! New Years Resolutions in full effect! We had to wait a few minutes to find two treadmills next to each other to get our run in. I ran 5 miles, alternating between a 7.5-8.1 pace, going up and down, just to pass the time. It felt good to get it done, but the breathing piece was still tough. I'm still a bit congested, but my heart was pleased to be able to run.

On Monday I had the privilege of running with Trey, Jeff, and Dan! We ran 6 miles-the Ole Loop. It was decent out, cold but not windy. I was happy to be outside, and catching up with good friends! On Tuesday, I was supposed to run hills with the St. Paul crew; however, since I'm still recovering from being sick, and the windchill was -13, I thought it best to stay inside. So again, Heather and I decided to stick indoors. I ran 5 miles, and then walked another 1/2 mile at a level 6 incline. After the treadmill work, Heather, Shannon, and I ventured to Cari's Total Conditioning class. The class consisted of mostly stabilization exercises using the stability ball. It was a great class, and a nice challenge for my body. Good to switch up the work I've been doing. Today (Wednesday), Heather and I ran 6 800m repeats on the treadmill, with half recovery between each one. When all was said and done, we ran about 5.5 miles (that includes the warm up, recovery periods, and cool down). After our speed work we hopped in the pool and swam laps for a good 20 minutes. It's amazing how 20 minutes of pool work can be so tough! We used kickboards the whole time, so there was no arm work--only legs! I feel like my legs have taken a beating this week. But it's been nice to switch up the work I've been doing. We'll see how the 12 miler goes tomorrow!

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