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Friday, May 28, 2010

Delicious & Nutritious!

As of late, training seems to be very exciting. This week specifically has been very intentional. I am hoping to commit to one speed/hill workout a week, one longer midweek run, and one run on the weekend. I believe these will be the key ingredients to my training success.

I also have many new things brewing.....I was informed yesterday that I received corporate sponsorship from Raw Indulgence!!!! Check them out here: http://www.rawindulgence.com/
They are gluten-free, vegan, wheat, corn, soy, trans-fat, cholesterol, and refined sugar free!!! None of that junk! It is the purest bar on the market. This is very exciting because most gluten-free options are just plain gross! But RAW REVOLUTION BARS ARE INCREDIBLE. Flavors include: Tropical mango, Chocolate chip cookie dough, Raspberry & chocolate, Spirulina & cashew, Coconut & agave nectar, Chocolate & coconut, Hazelnut & chocolate, Raisin & chocolate!!! Try one today :) It'll make your tummy smile! Quality products from a quality company.

Secondly, a potential sponsorship with City Blendz Nutrition could be in the works. I have not received official confirmation; however, if this goes through, I will be representing (and therefore blogging about the company). City Blendz Nutrition Cafe is located in the skyway, downtown Minneapolis. They make delicious and nutritious meal replacement smoothies that aid in weight loss, weight maintenance, or weight gain--pick your goal. Check their website out here: http://mycityblendz.com/ Their ingredients include Herbalife products, which you will learn about in great detail in a future blog! I am a HUGE fan of City Blendz Nutrition and Herbalife (as I am a Licensed Herbalife Distributor), and I hope to be able to represent such a fine company with phenomenal products. You can't go wrong with delicious and nutritious!

All for now folks :)

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  1. I am very proud of you for starting this blog and being so faithful to update.

    Good job also with the sponsorships. That will save us money!! Yay!!