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Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Just when I thought sponsorships were done for me, I managed to score another one. A good friend and running mentor, Tom Tisell, who is also sponsored by Fitsok suggested that I contact the president of this company and inquire about a sponsorship. I questioned whether it would be worth my time. Tom has won numerous marathons--Minneapolis Marathon, Stillwater Marathon. I am nowhere near his caliber. I took a look at their website (www.fitsok.com) and checked out the other sponsored athletes, one of them being Willie Tibbets, someone I see at almost every race I do, and she beats me every time. Their sponsored athletes are good, I just didn't think I stood a chance. Tom encouraged me to apply. I sent my running resume to the president, and he explained that they were looking for "running ambassadors" moreso than winners. They wanted people who were involved in the running communities, that could be positive role models to others. He loved my involvement in coaching, personal training, and picking up running only 6 years ago.

I learned a lot about Fitsok that makes me even more proud to bear their name. Fitsok is sold nationwide; however, their corporate office is in Minnesota. Given that I am a business banker by day, to be sponsored by a local company is just fantastic. Secondly, they are the ONLY sock company that actually makes their socks in the United States, thus paying their employees fairly. They abide by fair labor laws, and that makes me happy! Third, the president of the company is a graduate from Northwestern College, and is a man after God's heart. It is cool to be a part of an organization where Christ is the focus of their business.

The Fitsok brand was started by the rep for Brooks, which means I will now be getting 40% of Brooks shoes. Looks like I will be switching over. In addition to discounted shoes, I will be getting free socks, free entries to particular races, arm warmers, and free Gus/Chomps. They also want my friends and family to know the product. So all my friends, family, athletes, etc. are eligible for socks 50% off!

I am blessed to be a part of this organization, and a part of their racing team. I'll be running on Sunday (10/10/10) in the Fitsok Tank (on the left).

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  1. I am about a hundy from a new pair of shoes and I need some arm warmers! Breeeeeee! I'm so proud of you!