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Friday, November 26, 2010

Turkey Trot 5K

It's been a while since posting a blog, so I figured it was high time for a new post. My commitment to my readers (if I have even have any readers), I promise to be more dedicated to my blogging. Even if I don't have any race reports, I will be posting new fitness tips, or training updates.

I am so thankful to have wonderful family in town for Thanksgiving week. Jeremy and I have his brother Jason, and his wife Lindsay in town from Tuesday-Sunday. The four of us are very close, so we LOVE having them here! In preparing for Thanksgiving, I originally wanted to do the Drumstick Dash 10k; however, my sister in-law hadn't been running much. So we decided on the Turkey Trot 5k. (We found out a couple weeks later that Lindsay is pregnant!) YAY! Absolutely a legitimate reason to bow out of the race. Well, the day before the race, Jason, Lindsay, and Jeremy went to register for the race....Lindsay decided not to run the race, given she hasn't been running very much. Jason decided not to run because it was supposed to be so cold, and Pennsylvania has been much warmer-his lungs weren't acclimated to the cold windchills. And Jeremy simply decided not to run. I was slightly bummed that it ended up not being a family affair. But don't fret, I got to run the 5k with two of my XC guys, Austin and DC!!!

I was definitely the weakest link of the three of us; however, we did run the race together as a fun run! Thank you DC and Austin for running my pace :) It's good for me to be the slow one! We made it an adventure! We ran from my apartment building to the start of the race, ran the 5k race, and then ran home (with our goodie bags, water bottles, and muscle milks in our hands, totaling a good 6 mile run! It was the coldest Thanksgiving Day in 25 yrs! The windchill was -6 degrees!!! It was a bitter chill. I wore 4 top layers, 2 pant layers, 2 pairs of gloves, a hat, and a face mask! I was bundled for sure!!! Movement in general required more effort than usual! There were icy patches along most of the course.

Here's a cute picture of us, post-6 mile run :) We all look like chubby kids with our layers

"Some people follow their dreams, others hunt them down and beat them mercilessly into submission." *Neil Kendall

I will say, it's days like this that build solid character and lasting memories with great people :)

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